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Smart Crypto Management and API trading solution.

We provide our "SAAS" solutions for consumers and enterprises.

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Algorithmic Trading Software
The smart way

Quantistic offers a fully automated management solution to safely trade in an adaptive crypto index. A comprehensive risk management system monitors all processes and independently carries out decisions in the interests of the customers.

Quantistic Vision

Quantistic consists of a team of experienced crypto traders and engineers who have set themselves the goal of developing the best strategic management tool for their customers to get through the volatile crypto market safely and profitably.

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  • Adaptive algorithmic solutions
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Key features

Driven by technology

The software independently scales into trending coins with a market cap-dependent index key. The initial order size is around 1.5%. This successfully reduces risks.


Our self-developed potential indicator evaluates the current market risk and identifies trading opportunities. Using data from various timeframes and indicators to provides a meaningful interpretation of the market.


An intelligent order management distributes the funds to the various DCA orders and limits the maximum possible DCA levels. This leads to an additional security.

Staying The Edge

In challenging times
we stay adaptive

Quantistic constantly monitors the market and improves where needs be, staying "the edge over the competition".


Quantistic is trading more then 100 crypto assets simultaneously reducing market risk.


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"SAAS" solutions for consumers and enterprises.

Quantistic needs to know its customers, therefore, before we can connect you to our system, you contact us via email or our telegram support channel, from here we can go forward.

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